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RISS National Gang Program
Combating Gang Activity Through Secure Communications and Information Sharing

RISSGang is the only comprehensive gang resource that offers a criminal intelligence database, a website, informational resources, and a secure bulletin board. The RISSGang database provides access to gang information, including suspects, organizations, weapons, photographs, and graffiti. RISSGang contains thousands of database records. RISSGang provides for a federated search, including CalGang. RISS is working to connect other gang databases to RISSNET. RISSGang is available to all authorized law enforcement.

In addition to the multitude of intelligence records contained in the RISSGang database, users can access additional tools and resources through the RISSGang Website. Gang-specific news, documents, and publications are organized into topical areas such as:

  • Motorcycle Gangs
  • Drug Gangs
  • Hate Groups
  • Hand Signs
  • Terminology
  • Prison Gangs
  • Ethnic Gangs
  • Graffiti
  • Colors
  • Street Gangs
  • Youth Gangs
  • Tattoos
  • Crypto/Codes
Each page contains news items, documents, publications, graphics, pictures, and links to other websites related to gangs and gang-identifying information. Gang-related information that is more general in nature is presented on the RISSGang Website home page.

The RISSGang Program offers the secure RISSGang Bulletin Board for users to post and share questions and case information. Users can contribute material, publications, and other information to the website. Training information and a comprehensive dictionary of gang-related terms can also be accessed by users. All RISSGang users are provided with a secure e-mail address and access to RISS ATIX.