FY2013 Annual Report

RISS continues to be at the forefront in providing critical information and intelligence sharing resources, investigative support services, and officer safety and deconfliction services to thousands of local, state, federal, and tribal law enforcement and criminal justice agencies in their effort to successfully resolve criminal- and terrorist-related investigations and to ensure officer safety.

The FY2013 RISS Annual Report provides a summary of RISS's programs and resources, example successes from agencies and officers using RISS, key performance metrics, and future goals. Throughout FY2013, RISS continued to provide the exceptional services and solutions for its agencies and partners. Demand for RISS services continued to increase, as indicated by the statistics below. Agencies and officers increased their usage of RISS's critical resources to aid their efforts.

Examples of RISS’s accomplishments in FY2013 include the following:

  • RISS member agencies grew to 8,901, and RISSNET authorized users increased to 116,571
  • Increased the number of available investigative records to more than 37 million
  • Enabled users to conduct 5,311,917 inquiries to RISS resources
  • Developed 27,015 analytical products
  • Loaned 4,062 pieces of specialized equipment
  • Sponsored or cosponsored 955 training opportunities and helped train 46,579 individuals
  • Responded to 210,404 requests for research and technical assistance
  • 73 million transactions occurred via RISSNET
  • Since its inception, more than 930,000 operations have been entered into RISSafe, resulting in more than 314,000 identified conflicts
  • Supported hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officers and criminal justice professionals
  • Served as a leader in Federated Identity technologies. More than 18,000 users from trusted partner systems are using Federated Identity to access RISSNET
  • Partnered with more than 1,050 federal agencies
  • Provided access to millions of pieces of data to support hometown security and the nation’s information sharing environment
  • Served agencies of all sizes, from the small departments to agencies employing hundreds of officers and agents
  • Served as the secure infrastructure for hundreds of resources owned by state, regional, and federal systems

RISS is an excellent return on investment for our nation. Without RISS's services and resources, criminals, drugs, weapons, and other contraband might still be on our streets. Every day, officers use RISS to help solve cases and stay safe.