RISS is congressionally funded through the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Justice Programs (OJP), Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). BJA provides funding oversight and program management for the RISS Program.

Each RISS Center has a policy board composed of representatives from member agencies in the center’s multistate region and the Director of the in-region RISS Center. The policy board serves as the governing authority for the center and may provide direction affecting center policy, operation, and administration. The Director is responsible for implementing policies and directives of the center’s policy board and administers and manages center activities.

The RISS National Policy Group (RNPG) is composed of the six RISS Center Directors, who are the voting members of the RNPG, as well as the chair of each center’s policy board or his or her designee. The RNPG is responsible for strategic planning, resolution of operational issues, advancement of information sharing, and decision making affecting six RISS Centers, the nationwide organization, RISS technology initiatives, and service delivery.

All RISS criminal intelligence databases comply with 28 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 23 issued by the DOJ OJP. All criminal intelligence databases electronically connected to RISSNET that are available for member agency access must also comply with 28 CFR Part 23. RISS provides member agencies with training and on-site technical assistance to ensure compliance with the regulation.

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