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Automated Trusted Information Exchange™
Providing Secure Interagency Communications and Information Sharing Resources

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RISS ATIX provides law enforcement, public safety, and critical infrastructure personnel—representing such entities as public utilities, schools, fire departments, and the chemical industry—with access to homeland security, disaster, and terrorist threat information, as well as secure communication capabilities. Hundreds of thousands of public safety professionals can access RISS ATIX, and the number of participants continues to grow.

RISS ATIX Participants choose a “community” group according to their responsibilities. The RISS ATIX resources contain specific information for each community. RISS ATIX community groups include local, county, state, and tribal levels of emergency management, law enforcement, and government, as well as water and power utilities, transportation, agriculture, chemical manufacturing, private security, environmental protection, banking and finance, and hospitality industries. New community groups are added to RISS ATIX as the service expands.

The RISS ATIX Web pages contain general and community-specific information, contact information, links to restricted and public websites, and other sources of terrorism and disaster-related information. ATIX Web pages enable the dissemination of SBU homeland security information and alerts, watch lists, and advisories from such agencies as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and other governmental sources. Additionally, the ATIX web pages provide the capability for users to submit requests, comments, or suggestions related to RISS ATIX resources or regarding their specific RISS ATIX community.

The RISS ATIX Discussion Forum provides secure online conferences for users to collaborate and post public safety and law enforcement information. In addition, users may request the creation of a private conference to facilitate collaboration among a specifically identified group of users. Each RISS ATIX Discussion Forum conference has a corresponding live chat feature to enable real-time, online communications.

The ATIX Document Library provides informational and educational materials submitted by ATIX Participants and other sources on a variety of topics. Materials are organized by community; however, all information is available for search, download, and review.

ATIX secure e-mail enables the distribution of alerts and SBU homeland security information and the secure communication of other information appropriate to exchange using e-mail. Delivery of alerts can be directed or restricted to specific RISS ATIX Participants based on their geographic location, their RISS ATIX community group, or their individual status within their RISS ATIX community group. Additionally, RISS ATIX Participants can send secure, encrypted e-mail to all ATIX e-mail addresses and to any other secure RISSNET e-mail address.