FY2014 Annual Report

RISS continues to be at the forefront in providing critical information and intelligence sharing resources, investigative support services, and officer safety and deconfliction services to thousands of local, state, federal, and tribal law enforcement and criminal justice agencies in their effort to successfully resolve criminal- and terrorist-related investigations and to ensure officer safety.

The FY2014 RISS Annual Report provides a summary of RISS's programs and resources, example successes from agencies and officers using RISS, key performance metrics, and future goals. Throughout FY2014, RISS continued to provide the exceptional services and solutions for its agencies and partners.

Examples of RISS’s accomplishments in FY2014 include the following:
  • Developed 29,152 analytical products, such as link-analysis charts, crime scene diagrams, telephone toll analysis products, financial analysis reports, digital forensics, and audio/video enhancements.
  • Loaned 3,723 pieces of specialized equipment, including specialized cameras, recorders, and other devices.
  • Responded to 131,985 requests for research and technical assistance and provided comprehensive intelligence and investigative research reports that aided in identifying addresses, witnesses, and other pertinent information.
  • Provided one-on-one technical support to agencies through field services.
  • Provided confidential funds to support investigators with activities such as undercover operations and buy-busts.
  • Provided training opportunities on timely and relevant topics, such as investigative techniques and emerging crime. Other examples include the Clandestine Drug Lab and Synthetic Drug Awareness training, the Prescription Drug Abuse Summit, and the Basic Drug Recognition for Police, Fire, and EMS.
  • Trained 44,996 individuals on timely and relevant topics, such as emerging crime.
  • Developed law enforcement-sensitive briefings and publications, such as The Heroin Resurgence: A Painkiller Epidemic, Bath Salts: Deadly New Designer Drug, and Marijuana Legalization: Law Enforcement’s Response.
  • Enabled users to conduct 6,073,680 inquiries to RISS resources.
  • Distributed meaningful and actionable intelligence via secure e-mail and RISSNET.
  • Provided access to millions of pieces of data, including access to investigative databases, such as RISSProp and the RISS Master Telephone Index.

RISS is an excellent return on investment for our nation. Without RISS's services and resources, criminals, drugs, weapons, and other contraband might still be on our streets. Every day, officers use RISS to help solve cases and stay safe.