Automated Trusted Information Exchange™
Providing Secure Interagency Communications and Information Sharing Resources

Firefighters Putting Out Fire

RISS recognized the critical need for first responders to communicate with one another, both within their areas of responsibilities and with other public safety partners.  As a result, RISS developed and continues to operate the RISS Automated Trusted Information Exchange (ATIX™), which provides a secure platform for law enforcement, public safety, first responders, and the private sector to share secure information.

RISS ATIX participants select a community group based on their responsibilities.  Currently, there are more than 40 community groups.  New community groups are added to RISS ATIX as the service expands to encompass more entities involved in local and national security.

The ATIX resources contain specific information for each community.  RISS ATIX enables members to securely collaborate within their own area of expertise, with additional communities, and with law enforcement partners.  RISS ATIX resources include ATIX web pages, discussion forums, and the ATIX document library.

RISS ATIX™ Brochure