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RMIN 2016 State Impact Sheets

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What Law Enforcement is Saying About RMIN

“RMIN took a mountain of financial information and turned it into a clear and concise case. The defendants took a plea deal a few days prior to the trial starting.”

—Mesa County, Colorado, District Attorney’s Office

“Just wow! Excellent work on this. This compilation far surpasses my expectations.”

—Detective Cody Kennedy
Grand Junction, Colorado, Police Department

“The Denver District Attorney had a phenomenal experience with RMIN. After a number of state and federal agencies could not help us and we were at a dead end, RMIN provided a training at our conference. Based on that, I contacted them and literally, within a few days, they were able to get information off of cell phones that we had spent years wrestling with. Everyone there was professional and accommodating on the quintuple murder that we were prosecuting. We were successful in the prosecution of the defendant and could not be more appreciative of RMIN’s efforts.”

—Chief Deputy District Attorney Wenig
Denver, Colorado, District Attorney’s Office

“RMIN offered critical assistance that helped us earn the conviction. RMIN’s fantastic visual products helped the jury understand the evidence and the defendant’s shocking choices.”

—County Attorney John Parker
Cascade County Attorney’s Office
Great Falls, Montana

“I have used RMIN in the past for help with organization and courtroom displays. I have always been very impressed with the quality of the work. On this case, I was impressed with the abilities to clarify the video and pictures that were needed to the get the conviction. I also was impressed with the last-minute abilities of RMIN to get us presentations that were key at trial.”

—Detective Dan Smith
Great Falls, Montana, Police Department

“Yesterday’s hearing was epic! There was action (including the animation in the presentation), there was drama (everyone on the defense side was crying, except the defense attorney), it lasted more than three hours (didn’t get done until 7:00 p.m.), and the defendant left the courtroom in handcuffs. I have received three e-mails today complimenting the presentation. In addition, the judge came over this morning to tell me how good it was. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You really went the extra mile, and everyone noticed!”

—Prosecuting Attorney
Canyon County, Idaho, Prosecutor’s Office

RMIN 2016 Success Stories
Analytical Services
Fraud:The Grand Junction, Colorado, Police Department requested assistance from the RMIN analytical staff in a fraud case in which two defendants were hired to manage the construction of a storage facility. RMIN assisted in analyzing their financial records. RMIN’s detailed financial analysis clearly showed that the defendants forged receipts, printed checks as alleged proof of payments that were never actually sent to subcontractors, and spent thousands of dollars from the project’s distributions for personal expenses. Both defendants took a plea deal and will pay $220,000 in restitution.
Fraud:The 17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office in Colorado requested RMIN’s analytical assistance in a fraud case that involved a remodeling business owned by a husband and wife. The couple accepted deposit money from customers and did not finish the remodels. RMIN analyzed several bank records to locate customer deposits and determine how funds were spent by the defendants, who also wrote bad checks to suppliers, laborers, and vendors. Guilty verdicts were returned on 23 of 25 counts that went to trial. Restitution for losses by victims is approximately $150,000.
Fraud/Embezzlement:The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Inspector General, in Colorado requested financial analytical support from RMIN for an investigation into fraud and embezzlement. RMIN conducted an analysis of unexplained wire transfers and debit transactions contained within the subject’s bank accounts from May 2011 to July 2013. During this time frame, the subject made numerous wire transfers and debit transactions, ranging from $3,700 to $39,000 a month, totaling more than $426,000. The final analytical report detailed/revealed thousands of unexplained financial transactions and led the Office of Inspector General to issue an indictment for multiple suspects who were directly involved with these accounts.
Homicide:The Great Falls, Montana, Police Department requested RMIN assistance in a homicide investigation in which a Cascade County deputy was struck by a vehicle and killed during a high-speed chase as he attempted to deploy stop sticks on the suspect’s vehicle. RMIN provided analytical support during the investigation and prosecution of the case. The suspect was charged with five felonies in this line-of-duty death. The jury returned verdicts of guilty on all five counts. The suspect was sentenced to life in prison without parole. (Many expressions of great appreciation have been received from the agencies involved, stating RMIN was instrumental in getting the verdict that was received.)
Homicide:The Lyon County, Nevada, Sheriff’s Office requested assistance from the RMIN analytical staff with a homicide investigation. The suspect was being charged with first-degree murder with a deadly weapon for the murder of his girlfriend. Two RMIN analysts worked on the case and provided cell phone record analysis of the suspect, the victim, and two other individuals who were involved in the case. According to the Lyon County District Attorney’s Office, the RMIN analysts’ testimonies provided an excellent depiction of the activities of the individuals involved, showing the defendant and victim together during relevant times, which corroborated the other testimony and evidence in the case. The suspect was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
Sex Offenses:The Canyon County, Idaho, Prosecutor’s Office requested assistance from the RMIN analytical staff with a case in which a juvenile defendant bullied the victim into texting him nude photos. The defendant used a fake phone number to disguise himself to the victim. The victim eventually sent four nude photos. The defendant continued to text the victim from his real phone number as well, so the victim was eventually aware of his identity. The defendant would switch back and forth between the unidentifiable phone number and the known number when talking to the victim. Over the course of a month, the defendant texted the victim as himself, stating that an unknown party (same suspect but unknown to the victim) was distributing the photos. As the defendant continued to maintain both personas, the unknown persona attempted to blackmail the victim into sending an explicit video. The defendant eventually made a website with the victim’s nude photos, sending the link out to numerous parties. The RMIN analyst created an animated PowerPoint presentation using phone record data that showed the defendant communicating with the victim as himself and as the unidentified person, as he carried on conversations simultaneously with the victim.

Analytical/Intelligence Research Services
Stalking: The Las Vegas, Nevada, Metropolitan Police Department requested assistance from the RMIN intelligence research staff in identifying the suspect in a serious stalking case. Only the suspect’s name and a screenshot of a message from a social media account, used to contact the victim, were provided. The account was located via social media, which included the suspect’s photo, date of birth, and other identifying information. The case continues.

Analytical Services/RISS Officer Safety Event Deconfliction System (RISSafe)
Narcotics:U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Arizona requested assistance from the RMIN analytical staff to map the Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates and the cell phone pings of a suspect known to be transporting drugs. After mapping the GPS coordinates, the RMIN staff determined that the suspect had traveled to North Carolina, which supported statements made by witnesses. A search warrant was served at one of the residences, and 2.68 kilos of heroin and 5.48 kilos of cocaine were seized. ICE contacted the RMIN RISSafe Watch Center to submit the location before serving the search warrant.

Audio/Video Services
Homicide:The Park County, Wyoming, Sheriff’s Office requested RMIN’s assistance in a criminal homicide case that began with a headless and handless unidentified male corpse. RMIN’s law enforcement information coordinator contacted the agency and advised them of RMIN’s analytical services, specifically for the creation of public posters, to show items of clothing worn by the homicide victim. The posters were created and then distributed by law enforcement officers within a 100-mile radius of the crime site. Within a few days, the agency began receiving phone calls and e-mails. As a result, the victim’s residences in Wyoming and California were identified. RMIN was then requested to create bilingual posters, in Spanish and in English, to assist in gathering more information in the case. As a result, suspects were identified and arrests were made and confessions were obtained by investigators. Court proceedings are pending.
Homicide:The Yellowstone County Attorney’s Office in Montana requested RMIN video analysis assistance in a homicide investigation in which the suspect murdered his neighbor. RMIN provided video enhancement analysis, which assisted in identifying the type of shoe that the suspect was wearing at the time of arrest and the type of shoe that left an imprint at the crime scene. After a seven-day trial, the suspect was convicted of deliberate homicide and tampering with evidence.

Confidential Funds Services
Vehicular Homicide:The Tenth Judicial District Attorney’s Office, in New Mexico, requested RMIN financial assistance to secure an expert witness for testimony in a vehicular homicide case involving an intoxicated suspect who crashed the victim’s vehicle, killing the victim, who was an occupant. The case was resolved by a plea agreement, which was only obtained after the expert witness was added to the prosecution’s case.

Intelligence Research Services
Narcotics:Homeland Security Investigations in Phoenix, Arizona, was investigating a husband and wife who were allegedly operating a narcotics stash house in Phoenix. The RMIN intelligence research staff and analytical staff assisted law enforcement by identifying additional coconspirators and locations in this case. The investigation led to the arrests of two drug couriers; the seizure of two vehicles, valued at $10,000; and the discovery and seizure of more than 33 pounds of methamphetamine. The case continues.
Narcotics/Weapons:The Tempe, Arizona, Police Department requested assistance from the RMIN intelligence research staff in locating a subject on a felony warrant for sale of narcotics and misconduct involving weapons charges. The subject was quickly located, and after coordination with appropriate law enforcement at the new location, the Tempe Police Department secured the suspect’s arrest in St. Louis, Missouri, on the full-extradition warrant.
Fraud/Contracting Without a License:Investigators with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and the Phoenix, Arizona, Police Department requested assistance from the RMIN intelligence research staff in a case involving a family of “Travelers” who were taking advantage of predominantly elderly victims through contractor scams for fraudulent home repairs. The RMIN staff provided research on the individuals and suggested and arranged a meeting with the investigators and the Internal Revenue Service for probable tax evasion. The primary suspects illegally obtained more than $140,000 from four victims over a two-year period. The investigation led to the arrest of one suspect on felony charges. He is being held without bond. Other arrests are anticipated. Update: An unlicensed contractor was sentenced to ten years in prison and ordered to pay nearly $137,000 of restitution to the ten victims in this case. At one point, this individual was listed as one of Arizona Registrar of Contractors’ Top Ten Most-Wanted Contractors.
Theft:The Ogden City, Utah, Police Department requested assistance from the RMIN intelligence research staff to identify two suspects in the theft of checks from a residence and subsequent passing of forged checks at an Ogden City bank. Although neither suspect had a criminal record in Utah, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Law Enforcement National Data Exchange (N DEx) system revealed an independent incident report from another Utah jurisdiction regarding a citizen’s request to check the welfare of a child. With an Idaho location listed on that N-DEx record, the Ogden City detective made contact with local law enforcement in Idaho, where the suspects had previously resided. Detectives learned that one of the suspects had been arrested earlier for kidnapping (custodial interference), because he had left the state with his three-year-old son. Based on the information contained within the N-DEx record, both suspects were identified. Arrest warrants for the Utah theft and forgery charges were immediately issued for both suspects. One of the subjects was promptly apprehended. The FBI/N-DEx and Ogden City Police Department recognized RMIN staff assistance on this case as a national intelligence research success story of the year for effective use of N-DEx by local law enforcement agencies in combatting crime regionally.

Law Enforcement Information Coordinator (LEIC)
Information Sharing:The Coconino County, Arizona, Sheriff’s Office distributed a Be on the Lookout (BOLO) Request for Information (RFI) to Arizona law enforcement agencies for possible assistance in identifying an unknown individual who was killed after being run over by a train in Williams, Arizona. The victim had some distinguishing tattoos on his body. Photos of the tattoos were included in the RFI. RMIN sent the RFI to all RMIN LEICs, and the LEIC in Colorado forwarded the RFI to agencies and High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) contacts she knew in several states. Within hours, one of her contacts, who worked for a Nebraska HIDTA Task Force, responded with a positive hit on the victim’s tattoos, which they had in a database. The deceased victim was positively identified, and the information was passed back directly to the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office that same day. The RFI went from Arizona to Colorado to Nebraska and back to Arizona with a positive identification (ID) resolution within hours because of the initiative and contacts of the LEIC. The BOLO RFI was cancelled that same afternoon.

Burglary/Grand Larceny:The Las Vegas, Nevada, Metropolitan Police Department used RISSafe while conducting a search warrant for burglary and grand larceny. The officers recovered the stolen items, and three of the four subjects were apprehended for these crimes.
Fugitive Sweep:The U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) in Arizona, in partnership with 38 state, local, and other federal agencies, participated in “Operation Grinch Stopper,” which was designed to make the holiday season safer. Since its creation in 2012, the operation has resulted in 701 arrests and 918 cleared warrants. In 2015, 227 warrants were cleared and 205 arrests were made–161 in Phoenix, 33 in Tucson, and 11 in Yuma. The RMIN RISSafe Watch Center staff entered 56 of those operations into RISSafe in conjunction with the execution of the arrest warrants.
Human Trafficking:The Unified, Utah, Police Department requested assistance from the RMIN RISSafe Watch Center to enter a business location into RISSafe. An undercover officer went into an Asian massage parlor and was offered sexual acts in exchange for money. The suspect was arrested, and a search warrant was written for the business. Investigators seized $7,843 in cash, surveillance equipment, receipts, and other business documents. Females were living at the business and human trafficking was suspected. The female suspect refused to acknowledge herself as a victim and was booked into jail on charges of sexual solicitation and unlicensed massage.
Immigration Violation:ICE and Removal Operations in Arizona used RISSafe to enter a location on an arrest warrant. The subject at the residence violated his status under the Immigration and Nationality Act relating to the illegal possession/conviction of a controlled substance. The subject was convicted for possession of dangerous drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia and is now subject to removal from the United States.
Narcotics:The Phoenix, Arizona, Police Department entered a location into RISSafe before beginning surveillance in a narcotics investigation. As a result of the surveillance, a few bales of marijuana and a handgun were recovered and three subjects were apprehended.
Narcotics:The Peoria, Arizona, Police Department (a RMIN member agency) served a search warrant on a Phoenix, Arizona, address in reference to an ongoing investigation, entering the location into RISSafe before serving the warrant. During the execution of the warrant, the suspect was found hiding in the attic crawl space of his master bedroom. During a search of the residence, the Peoria Police Department detectives located approximately 15 pounds of a high-grade hydroponic marijuana, valued at $63,000; 2 pounds of marijuana “wax,” valued at $27,000; a large amount of mushrooms, valued at $45,000; and various other drugs and multiple pieces of drug paraphernalia. In addition, detectives located approximately $80,000 in U.S. currency and several firearms, valued at $2,500, one of which was stolen from the city of Phoenix. One vehicle, valued at $40,000, was also seized.
Narcotics:The Phoenix, Arizona, Police Department entered a location into RISSafe regarding a surveillance event in a narcotics and weapons case. One week later, the agency reported that it recovered
30 pounds of marijuana, valued at $18,000, based on the successful surveillance of that location.
Narcotics:The Buckeye, Arizona, Police Department used RISSafe to enter an address where they planned to serve a search warrant in a month-long drug investigation. Information was received from a confidential, reliable source indicating that the suspect was selling meth in large quantities. The Buckeye Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team executed a court-authorized search warrant, and a subsequent search of the residence yielded approximately 44 grams (1½ ounces) of meth, $1,200 cash, counterfeit money, prescription pills, and various other drug-related items.
Narcotics/Weapons:The USMS, District of Arizona, in Phoenix requested assistance from the RMIN Watch Center staff in entering 85 locations into RISSafe for “Operation Summer Burn.” The operation focused on local areas with a reported history of gang activity. During the two-month investigation, the Marshals Service received assistance from the Phoenix, Chandler, Glendale, and Surprise Police Departments; the Arizona Department of Public Safety; the Maricopa County, Arizona, Attorney’s Office; and the Arizona Department of Corrections. As a result of the operation, 195 fugitives were arrested; 22 firearms, 24 ounces of marijuana, 15 grams of cocaine, 66 grams of heroin, and 14 grams of methamphetamine were recovered; and more than $13,000 in cash was confiscated.
Assault/Burglary/Narcotics:The USMS, District of Arizona, used RISSafe to enter the address for an arrest warrant that would be served on the suspect in this case. Information was developed by the USMS that the suspect was residing at an apartment complex in Tucson, Arizona. Upon arrival at the apartment, the deputy marshals noticed that the front door to the apartment was open and the suspect was sitting inside the residence. Contact was made with the suspect, and he was advised of the warrant for his arrest. The suspect was then taken into custody without incident and transported for booking and processing.
Probation Violation/Vehicle Theft:The Las Vegas, Nevada, Metropolitan Police Department served an arrest warrant on a subject for a probation violation, with the underlying charge of vehicle theft. RISSafe was used to ensure that no other law enforcement activity was taking place in the vicinity during the arrest.
Prostitution/Fraud:The Arizona Attorney General’s Office; the Phoenix, Arizona, Police Department; and the Arizona Department of Public Safety used RISSafe in their investigation of vice crimes and money laundering that involved at least three homes and three massage parlors in the Phoenix metropolitan area. After conducting surveillance and obtaining search warrants, investigators arrested five primary suspects who are in custody in connection with this case. The suspects have been charged with suspicion of operating houses of prostitution, illegal control of an enterprise, money laundering, and conspiracy to commit felony activities. Since 2009, the massage parlors had been moving approximately $600,000 per year between the United States and China.
Fraud/Forgery:The Avondale, Arizona, Police Department contacted the RMIN Watch Center to submit an address to RISSafe for the execution of a search warrant in a fraud/forgery investigation. During the execution of the search warrant, the main suspect was arrested and evidence of the crimes was located within the residence. Two other suspects were arrested on unrelated drug crimes. Three grams of marijuana was recovered.

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