Hawaii Leadership for WSIN

In addition to federal monitoring, WSIN is governed by a Board of Directors composed of state and local representatives from each participating state. In Hawaii, these leadership positions are held by the following WSIN Board members:

Chief of Police Susan Ballard
Honolulu Police Department
801 South Beretania Street
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 529-3163

Attorney General Douglas S. Chin
Department of the Attorney General
425 Queen Street
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 586-1282

WSIN and RISS a Key to Combating Human Trafficking

As part of the nationwide RISS network, WSIN delivers valuable products and services to assist law enforcement personnel in investigating and prosecuting major crimes, including those involving human trafficking organizations, at no cost.

RISS Criminal Intelligence Database (RISSIntel)—RISSIntel is a trusted database that connects law enforcement agencies regionally and throughout the nation that are investigating the same subjects involved in major crimes, including human trafficking. A key feature of RISSIntel is that it is not simply a “human trafficking database.” RISSIntel is a database that contains subjects for which there is criminal predicate relating to a multitude of crimes, thereby allowing law enforcement officers to “connect the dots” between the gang members and/or drug traffickers, who are also engaging in human and/or sex trafficking.

RISSafe Watch Center—RISSafe provides human trafficking task forces with a means to avoid blue-on-blue conflicts when they conduct surveillance, serve a search/arrest warrant, or perform other operations. RISSafe events are monitored on a 24/7/365 basis by personnel in a watch center. This ensures that law enforcement officers are continuously supported with immediate access to the RISSIntel database and RISSafe deconfliction and receive immediate notification of conflicts.

Specialized Equipment Program—WSIN loans a variety of specialized and custombuilt covert equipment to assist law enforcement officers in pursuing human trafficking and other criminal organizations.

Analytical Support—WSIN’s analytical assistance enhances investigations by organizing the information developed and presenting a variety of visual products that demonstrate the breadth of the human trafficking enterprise: the key players, including pimps, johns, recruiters, and victims; the geographical scope of the criminal organization; communication between key subjects; and chronological incidents..

In FY2017—

57 Member Agencies
1,591 Access Officers
4,637 Intelligence Database Inquiries
1,273 Intelligence Database Hits
1,495 RISS Officer Safety Event Deconfliction System
(RISSafe) Events Submitted
93,303 Bulletins Disseminated
45,215,465 Law Enforcement Database Records Available Nationwide

The Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) mission is to assist local, state, federal, and tribal criminal justice agencies by providing adaptive solutions and services that facilitate information sharing, support criminal investigations, and promote officer safety.

The Western States Information Network (WSIN), one of the six RISS Centers, began providing service to its regional participating agencies in 1981. WSIN’s region consists of:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Parts of Canada, Guam,
    and New Zealand

Since 1981, the number of law enforcement and criminal justice agencies benefiting from WSIN services has grown to include 1,552 agencies.


Honolulu Police Department Narcotics/Vice Division
RISS Money Counter Project (MCP)

The Honolulu Police Department’s (HPD) Narcotics/Vice Division’s Marijuana Eradication Team (NVDMET) started an investigation of a subject who was reportedly selling marijuana. A RISSIntel search identified a person who was also being investigated by HPD and a federal agent. The three investigators shared information to move the investigation forward without duplicating efforts or unknowingly compromising each other’s investigation.

NVDMET successfully concluded its investigation by serving a search warrant at the primary suspect’s residence, which resulted in the seizure of more than 25 pounds of marijuana and $173,599 in U.S. currency illicitly gained from drug trafficking. Since seized money must be documented, an agent used the MCP to scan the seized money, which not only counts the money, but also captures images of the bill’s serial numbers. This process not only saved the agents a significant amount of time when counting the money, it helped avoid potential counting errors. The serial numbers were then uploaded into the MCP database for comparison with money associated with other investigations.

Honolulu Police Department (HPD) Narcotics/Vice Division

The HPD Narcotics/Vice Division started an investigation of a subject was reportedly dealing drugs. HPD did a search on the subject in
RISSIntel. It is a standard and mandatory policy for HPD to search and enter all subjects into RISSIntel and to deconflict all cases using RISSafe. The RISSIntel search revealed multiple ongoing investigations of the same subject with six different Hawaii agencies that were also investigating the subject for reportedly dealing drugs. The immediate notification of the hits from the WSIN Watch Center revealed important investigative references to multiple other cases and putting HPD in contact with all of the other agencies. HPD proceeded with its drug investigation using a collaborative multiagency approach.


“This case has yet to be indicted; however, the service provided by WSIN in comparing the scanned cash has been invaluable.”

—Maui County Police Department

“The WSIN Watch Center assisted me with elements of these products in a very timely and accurate fashion. Such a great partner and resource to have! On behalf of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) I just want to express our gratitude.”

—Hawaii NCIS Field Office

“Our team was able to have a successful investigation, based on the excellent services by WSIN and the RISS MCP. After all, we all have the same goal to make our communities, cities, states, and country a safer place for everyone.”

——Honolulu Police Department Narcotics/Vice Division