Kansas Leadership for MOCIC

In addition to federal monitoring, MOCIC is governed by an Executive Committee composed of one elected member and one alternate from each of the nine states in the MOCIC region. Each Executive Committee member appoints a State Review Committee to provide advice and counsel on matters concerning MOCIC. In Kansas, these leadership positions are held by:

Executive Committee Member:
Chief Mike Utz
Garden City Police Department
(620) 276-1354

Executive Committee Alternate:
Enforcement Agent Darin Altenburg
Kansas Racing and Gaming
(785) 296-3087

State Review Committee Members:

Detective Norman Bennett
Pratt Police Department
(620) 672-5551

Captain Dan Madden
Mission Police Department
(913) 676-8300

Chief Investigator Wally Roberts
Kansas State Fire Marshal
(785) 296-8984

Undersheriff Darrell Walters
Kearny County Sheriff’s Office
(620) 355-6211

Chief Brian Withington
Atwood Police Department
(785) 626-3833

Emporia Police Department
Analytical Services

The Emporia Police Department requested assistance from the MOCIC analytical staff in a financial fraud investigation. An employee was suspected of embezzling company money and altering company transactions and financial records to conceal the missing money. The MOCIC staff examined thousands of pages of complex financial records and prepared analytical products and briefings, which authorities said greatly enhanced their understanding of the case. The suspect ultimately pled guilty, and authorities credited the MOCIC analyst’s reports and assistance to the prosecutor as directly affecting the positive outcome of this case.

In FY2017—

190 Member Agencies
698 Requests for Criminal Investigative Research
Assistance Involving 780 Inquiries
4,429 Intelligence Database Inquiries and
1,405 Intelligence Database Submissions
49 RISS Officer Safety Event Deconfliction System
(RISSafe) Submissions With
6 RISSafe Conflicts Resolved
168 Analytical Products Produced

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks
Equipment Services

The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks borrowed MOCIC specialized equipment for use in an investigation involving the discovery of illegal baiting of waterfowl. The equipment was used to determine the scope of the illegal activity. As a result of the investigation, three people were indicted and authorities seized more than one dozen weapons and waterfowl, valued at more than $17,000.

Park City Police Department
Event Deconfliction Services

While deconflicting a narcotics operation using RISSafe, the Park City Police Department contacted the MOCIC intelligence research staff to request that a query be run related to the suspect. The query led to additional information from a southern state that assisted the investigation.

Rossville Police Department
Intelligence Research Services

The Rossville Police Department contacted the MOCIC intelligence research staff to get background information on a suspect in a narcotics investigation. As a result of the investigation, 11 suspects were arrested and authorities seized 9 pounds of marijuana, ½ ounce of cocaine, 45 weapons, and 300 pounds of silver. Authorities also discovered a marijuana grow, with 115 plants.

Washington County Sheriff’s Office
Intelligence Research Services

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office contacted the MOCIC intelligence research staff for assistance in a child sex offense investigation. The MOCIC staff obtained information that assisted authorities in furthering the case and provided a contact with a federal agency who could assist in determining the suspect’s residency status. Authorities said that they could not believe how much helpful information that the MOCIC staff provided to them.

News and Testimonials

The Kansas State Intelligence System is connected to the RISS Criminal Intelligence Database (RISSIntel), expanding the scope and interoperability of the nationwide RISS Secure Cloud (RISSNET).


“The MOCIC analytical staff put my financial evidence in a manageable and presentable format in a manner that went beyond my expectations. The charts and graphs clearly show how significant this loss was and how clearly these people took advantage of the elderly victim.”

—Pittsburg Police Department

“MOCIC is one of the best investigative tools out there. MOCIC is like having an extra officer in our department.”

—Arma Police Department

“Words cannot express how grateful we are for the time, attention, and detail that went into preparing our trial exhibits. The analyst did an exemplary job of transforming our thoughts and ideas into exquisite graphs and charts that made our evidence easy to follow and understand.”

—Shawnee County District Attorney’s Office

The Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) mission is to assist local, state, federal, and tribal criminal justice agencies by providing adaptive solutions and services that facilitate information sharing, support criminal investigations, and promote officer safety.

The Mid-States Organized Crime Information Center (MOCIC), one of the six RISS Centers, began providing services to its regional member agencies in 1980. MOCIC’s region consists of:

• Illinois
• Iowa
• Kansas
• Minnesota
• Missouri
• Nebraska
• North Dakota
• South Dakota
• Wisconsin
• Canadian province of Manitoba

Since 1980, the number of criminal justice agencies benefiting from MOCIC services has grown to more than 1,785 agencies.


Kansas Department of Labor
Intelligence Research Services

The Kansas Department of Labor contacted the MOCIC intelligence research staff for assistance in an investigation involving fraud and theft of services. Authorities needed to locate the suspect, who was a registered sex offender in a neighboring state and had many aliases. They had information that the suspect may have been incarcerated in one of two states but could not confirm this information. The MOCIC staff obtained information that confirmed the suspect was incarcerated in a southern state, enabling Kansas authorities to place a detainer on the suspect for their warrant.

Hays Police Department
Intelligence Research Services

The Hays Police Department contacted the MOCIC intelligence research staff for assistance in an investigation involving the sexual exploitation of a child. The MOCIC staff obtained information that assisted authorities in making a positive identification of the suspect.