Louisiana Leadership for ROCIC

In addition to federal monitoring, ROCIC is governed by a board of directors composed of an elected member and a proxy from each of the 14 states in the ROCIC region. In Louisiana, these leadership positions are held by:

Board Chairman:
Sheriff Jerry Philley
West Carroll Parish Sheriff’s Office
(318) 428-2331

Board Proxy:
Sheriff William Earl Hilton
Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office
(318) 473-6706

Louisiana Department of Agriculture
Intelligence Research Services

Theft of Resources: The Louisiana Department of Agriculture investigated a multiyear series of thefts of timber, specifically in Union and Ouachita Parishes, by a logging contractor based in Arkansas. The contractor continually moved from place to place, state to state, in a travel trailer with his family. During a three-year period, the suspect was responsible for stealing $123,000 worth of timber. Unable to locate the suspect, Louisiana investigators turned to ROCIC to provide his location. The suspect was arrested and awaits trial, having made restitution in several of the theft cases.

In FY2017—

145 Member Agencies
21,148 Sworn Personnel Served
18,607 Intelligence Database Inquiries
175 Intelligence Database Hits
514 Requests for Information on 944 Targets
16,561 Analytical and 22 Forensic Products Delivered
60,984 Bulletins andSpecial Reports Disseminated
49 Pieces of Investigative Equipment Loaned

Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office and Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office
Information Sharing Services

Commercial Burglary: At a criminal intelligence-sharing meeting hosted by ROCIC in northeast Louisiana, investigators discussed an ongoing series of storage facility burglaries occurring along Interstate 20. In particular, the Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office (RPSO) was investigating the most recent offenses. Information on burglary suspects arrested by Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office and disseminated by ROCIC led the RPSO to solve its case and make arrests. Surveillance videos of the suspects and their vehicles were of particular importance.


“The assistance of ROCIC was vital in securing the return of stolen property and the timely identification of the suspect.”

——Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office

The Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) mission is to assist local, state, federal, and tribal criminal justice agencies by providing adaptive solutions and services that facilitate information sharing, support criminal investigations, and promote officer safety.

The Regional Organized Crime Information Center (ROCIC), one of the six RISS Centers, began providing services to its members in 1973.

The ROCIC region consists of:
• Alabama
• Arkansas
• Florida
• Georgia
• Kentucky
• Louisiana
• Mississippi
• North Carolina
• Oklahoma
• Puerto Rico
• South Carolina
• Tennessee
• Texas
• U.S. Virgin Islands
• Virginia
• West Virginia

Since 1973, the number of criminal justice agencies benefiting from ROCIC services has grown to more than 2,100 agencies.


Louisiana State Police and 2nd Judicial District Attorney’s Office
Analytical/Intelligence Research Services

Homicide of Law Officer: The Louisiana State Police and the 2nd Judicial District Attorney’s Office contacted ROCIC for assistance in preparing for the trial of a suspect accused of murdering a Webster Parish deputy sheriff who worked as a correctional officer at the detention center. The ROCIC analytical staff produced 16 charts to present to the jury from photographs, maps, crime scene sketches, and other documents submitted by the authorities. The ROCIC intelligence research staff confirmed driver’s license information on the suspect and witnesses, as well as current historical addresses and exposure on social media. At the trial, the jury came back with a guilty verdict in less than an hour, and the defendant was given a mandatory sentence of life without parole. Prosecutors were pleased with ROCIC’s products and plan to use ROCIC resources for the upcoming trial of an accessory to this case.

Monroe Police Department
Intelligence Research Services

Bank Card Fraud: The Monroe Police Department investigated a bank fraud case in which two citizens had debit cards stolen from a mailbox at their previous addresses. The cards were activated, and the suspect had set up a new personal identification number. The suspect deposited a fake check into each account and later made numerous transactions via the debit cards until the fake checks were discovered by the bank, resulting in a loss of more than $1,000. Video surveillance footage was obtained, and it was discovered that the suspect had a social media account under a false name. Failing to make identification, investigators contacted ROCIC and provided the suspect’s fake name. Within hours, the ROCIC intelligence research staff returned a comprehensive file on the suspect and his true identity. Arrest warrants were obtained, and forwarded to Texas, the suspect’s current state of residence.

West Monroe Police Department
Information Sharing/Intelligence Research Services

Multistate Burglaries: During an investigation into the burglary of a local chain saw shop, the West Monroe Police Department (WMPD) used ROCIC to disseminate case information to law enforcement agencies in Louisiana and surrounding states. Shortly thereafter, the WMPD was contacted by agencies in Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri that had investigated similar burglary cases. The ROCIC intelligence research staff was contacted to produce a timeline and location chart of all the break-ins, which made it easier for investigators to connect the dots. A lead was developed by authorities in Texas that resulted in the arrest of a suspect, who was believed responsible for at least 29 burglaries of chain saw shops in five states. Power equipment, valued at several thousand dollars, has been recovered.

St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office
Equipment Services

Narcotics Trafficking: The St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office contacted ROCIC to borrow specialized surveillance equipment during a drug investigation, resulting in the identification of suspects, associates of the suspects, and several criminal organizations. Items seized during the execution of a search warrant at the home of one of the suspects were eight pounds of marijuana, valued at $4,800; two .40 -caliber semiautomatic pistols, valued at $600; and $2,300 in U.S. currency. Two subjects were arrested and charged with the distribution of marijuana and possession with intent, the possession of hydrocodone (a Schedule II narcotic), the illegal possession of weapons, the illegal use of a controlled dangerous substance in the presence of persons under 17 years of age, and transactions involving proceeds from drug offenses.

Union Parish Sheriff’s Office and Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office
Information Sharing Services

Burglary: After arresting a suspect on drug charges, Union Parish sheriff’s deputies noticed commercial -grade power tools, valued at $1,500, in the suspect’s vehicle.The suspect’s probation officer advised investigators that the suspect was not in a business that would require owning the tools. Photographs of the stolen tools were subsequently sent to ROCIC for dissemination throughout Louisiana. The following day, investigators with the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office (LPSO) contacted Union Parish investigators and identified the tools as those that had been stolen during a burglary in their jurisdiction.At the time, Lincoln Parish officers had no leads on a suspect. Warrants were obtained by Lincoln Parish for the suspect, who is being held in Union Parish. If not for the information sharing by ROCIC, the LPSO would not have solved the case.

Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office
Intelligence Research Services

Bank Robbery: The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office investigated two bank robberies that occurred within hours of each other. After suspects were developed and the two robberies connected, investigators contacted the ROCIC intelligence research staff for assistance. Within hours of the request, ROCIC furnished current addresses for the suspects, who were subsequently apprehended. The investigation also revealed that one of the suspects was wanted in connection with several armed robberies in Dallas, Texas.