Mississippi Leadership for ROCIC

In addition to federal monitoring, ROCIC is governed by a board of directors composed of an elected member and a proxy from each of the 14 states in the ROCIC region. In Mississippi, these leadership positions are held by:

Board Vice Chairman:
Director John Miller
Biloxi Police Department
(228) 435-6100

Board Proxy:
Major Michael Wills
Biloxi Police Department
(228) 702-3103

Pascagoula Police Department and Gulfport Police Department
Information Sharing Services

Triple Homicide: The Pascagoula Police Department (PPD) requested that the ROCIC staff distribute information regarding an identified female suspect and an unidentified male suspect in the burglary of a local jewelry store. The suspect’s vehicle was a red Dodge car. In meeting with Gulfport Police Department officials the following day, ROCIC staff was advised of a pawnshop burglary that featured a similar method of operation. A cell phone recovered in the Gulfport burglary had the same area code in Missouri where the female suspect of the Pascagoula burglary had recently resided. The PPD contacted the ROCIC intelligence research staff to identify the male suspect linked to the previously identified female suspect. Subsequently, Pascagoula and Gulfport each issued arrest warrants for the suspects for commercial burglary. The next day, an armed robbery occurred at a Jackson pawnshop, during which the owner and two elderly employees were shot to death. The suspect vehicle was a red Dodge car. Through the process of information sharing, the male and female burglary suspects were quickly identified as the suspects in the triple homicide. Four hours after the Jackson murders, the female suspect pawned property stolen in the Jackson robbery in Mobile, Alabama. The suspects were later sighted in Tennessee but managed to elude authorities. Four days after the murders, both suspects were taken into custody, following a police pursuit in Geary County, Kansas. Both are currently pending extradition to Mississippi for armed robbery, three counts of capital murder, and two counts of commercial burglary. It was also determined that the male suspect is a fugitive from Missouri on charges of burglary and weapons violations.

In FY2017—

172 Member Agencies
7,224 Sworn Personnel Served
1,058 Officers and Personnel Trained
29,433 Intelligence Database Inquiries
298 Intelligence Database Hits
685 Requests for Information on 1,192 Targets
9,779 Analytical and 87 Forensic Products Delivered
44,132 Bulletins and Special Reports Disseminated
116 Pieces of Investigative Equipment Loaned

Philadelphia Police Department
Equipment Services

Drug Trafficking: The Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) and the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics initiated a joint drug investigation targeting a number of high-level drug traffickers operating in Neshoba County. Because surveillance proved difficult, the PPD sought assistance from ROCIC through the loan of various surveillance equipment and cameras. Following a lengthy criminal investigation, local law enforcement authorities assisted by several federal law enforcement agencies—executed numerous search warrants that led to the seizure of more than 100 pounds of methamphetamine (meth), more than 100 pounds of marijuana, three kilograms of cocaine, more than $200,000 in U.S. currency, and other property that was used to facilitate criminal activity. In addition, authorities presented 39 criminal complaints to the United States Attorney’s Office for federal prosecution of drug violations and 30 criminal complaints for felony prosecution of various drug violations in the state of Mississippi circuit courts. The investigation into additional drug activity continues.

Gulfport Police Department
Information Sharing Services

Aggravated Robbery: Two suspects, a man and a woman, were identified and apprehended for committing aggravated robberies in Gulf Breeze, Florida; Slidell and Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana; and Gulfport, Mississippi. The ROCIC staff assisted in tying these four instances together when they were asked by the Gulfport Police Department to disseminate a bulletin regarding two unidentified suspects who had assaulted and robbed an elderly woman outside a local discount department store. The victim, who was robbed of her purse, required hospitalization for her injuries. The bulletin contained images of the suspect’s vehicle. The next day, ROCIC received a bulletin from the Gulf Breeze Police Department detailing a similar crime. The images of the suspect’s vehicle matched the photos from the Gulfport robbery. Further investigation determined that a third robbery had occurred the following day in Slidell, and a fourth robbery in Tangipahoa Parish was also linked to the suspects. The female suspect was identified, and ROCIC’s investigation of her social media sites resulted in the identification of the male suspect. Gulfport police officers obtained arrest warrants for the suspects, who were subsequently located and arrested in Pennsylvania. Extradition to Mississippi is pending. Additional robbery charges are expected in Louisiana and Florida.


“The importance of information sharing cannot be stressed enough among law enforcement if they truly want to connect the dots. ROCIC is a great resource and conduit for sharing information.”

—Pascagoula Police Department

“The services provided by ROCIC and its staff are essential to the successful conclusion of lengthy investigations. Without the availability of ROCIC resources, law enforcement could not effectively pursue these types of investigations.”

—Monticello Police Department

“The information received from ROCIC in reference to suspects’ addresses, vehicles, and phones was instrumental in developing our case.”

—Laurel Police Department

“There would be no way that we could conduct these investigations without the resources made available to us through ROCIC. We look forward to our longstanding partnership.”

—Greene County Sheriff’s Office

The Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) mission is to assist local, state, federal, and tribal criminal justice agencies by providing adaptive solutions and services that facilitate information sharing, support criminal investigations, and promote officer safety.

The Regional Organized Crime Information Center (ROCIC), one of the six RISS Centers, began providing services to its members in 1973.

The ROCIC region consists of:
• Alabama
• Arkansas
• Florida
• Georgia
• Kentucky
• Louisiana
• Mississippi
• North Carolina
• Oklahoma
• Puerto Rico
• South Carolina
• Tennessee
• Texas
• U.S. Virgin Islands
• Virginia
• West Virginia

Since 1973, the number of criminal justice agencies benefiting from ROCIC services has grown to more than 2,100 agencies.


Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department
Information Sharing Services

Stolen Vehicle: The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department found that sharing information via ROCIC/ RISS quickly gets results when it contacted the ROCIC staff for assistance in disseminating information regarding the theft of a truck recently purchased by the county government for $115,000. As a result of the information broadcast, it was learned that the stolen truck had been last detected in or near Greenville. Within an hour of contacting Greenville authorities, the vehicle was recovered by law enforcement personnel.

Macon Police Department
Intelligence Research Services

Bomb Threats: The Macon Police Department (MPD) investigated three cases of bomb threats being made in its jurisdiction and developed a telephone number associated with the threats. The ROCIC intelligence research staff obtained and provided all subscriber information connected to the number. As a result of the information provided by ROCIC, the MPD identified, located, and arrested three suspects, who were believed to be responsible for making the threats.

Leflore County Sheriff’s Department
Intelligence Research Services

Recovery of Stolen Property: The Leflore County Sheriff’s Department investigated various reports regarding the thefts of utility trailers in its jurisdiction. Investigators developed a telephone number associated with an individual believed to be in possession of some of the stolen trailers. After attempts to identify the cellular telephone subscriber proved unsuccessful, investigators requested assistance from ROCIC intelligence research staff, who identified a name and address associated with the cellular subscriber in Lowndes County. As a result of the information provided by ROCIC, Lowndes County authorities went to the address and recovered a 20- foot utility trailer and a 16-foot utility trailer stolen from Leflore County. The recovered property had an estimated value of $4,000.

Wiggins Police Department
Equipment Services

Drug Trafficking: Following a two-month drug trafficking investigation using ROCIC audio/video surveillance equipment, the Wiggins Police Department arrested 17 individuals on charges of sale of a controlled substance, conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance, and sale of a counterfeit substance. All individuals are currently pending prosecution by the 2nd Judicial District Attorney’s Office for Mississippi. The sophisticated equipment was used to document undercover drug activity and sales and enhance officer safety. Assisting in the arrests were the Purvis Police Department, the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Greene County Sheriff’s Department
Equipment Services

Drug Trafficking: The Greene County Sheriff’s Department (GCSD) used ROCIC covert surveillance equipment to conduct a two -month undercover drug investigation targeting individuals, who were involved in the trafficking of meth and prescription drugs in a rural part of the county. As a result of the operation, the GCSD identified and charged 12 individuals in trafficking meth and prescription drugs. The criminal cases are currently pending prosecution in circuit court. The deputy sheriff in charge of the investigation noted that there would have been absolutely no way to conduct the investigations without the assistance of ROCIC.