North Dakota Leadership for MOCIC

In addition to federal monitoring, MOCIC is governed by an Executive Committee composed of one elected member and one alternate from each of the nine states in the MOCIC region. Each Executive Committee member appoints a State Review Committee to provide advice and counsel on matters concerning MOCIC. In North Dakota, these leadership positions are held by:

Executive Committee Member:
Deputy Director Lonnie Grabowska
Bureau of Criminal Investigation–Bismarck
North Dakota Office of Attorney General
(701) 328-5500

Executive Committee Alternate:
Detective Derek Cruff
West Fargo Police Department
(701) 433-5500

State Review Committee Members:

Chief David Peterson
Williston Police Department
(701) 577-1212

Sheriff Scott Steele
Golden Valley County Sheriff’s Office
(701) 872-4733

Director Barney Tomanek
Parole and Probation Division
North Dakota Department of
Corrections and Rehabilitation
(701) 227-7420

Bismarck Police Department
Analytical Services

The Bismarck Police Department contacted the MOCIC analytical staff for assistance in a fraud investigation. The suspect was an assistant manager of a business who had placed several nonemployees on the payroll, including her boyfriend and several former employees. She cut them paychecks that ended up in her bank account. The MOCIC staff prepared a financial analysis that depicted the flow of money in and out of accounts owned by the suspect. Prior to trial, the suspect and her boyfriend both pled guilty.

In FY2017—

116 Member Agencies
201 Requests for Criminal Investigative Research
Assistance Involving 359 Inquiries
7,439 Intelligence Database Inquiries and
3,252 Intelligence Database Submissions
770 RISS Officer Safety Event Deconfliction System
(RISSafe) Submissions With
50 RISSafe Conflicts Resolved
572 Service Contacts with Field Staff

Minot Police Department
Equipment Services

The Minot Police Department borrowed MOCIC specialized investigative equipment for use in a homicide investigation that had been ongoing since 2015. The main suspect in the homicide was tried and convicted in 2016 and is currently serving a life sentence. The MOCIC equipment assisted authorities in documenting evidence of criminal activity of a coconspirator in the homicide and an attempted escape by the main suspect. The coconspirator was subsequently arrested, and the investigation is ongoing.

Cavalier County Sheriff’s Office
Intelligence Research Services

The Cavalier County Sheriff’s Office contacted the MOCIC intelligence research staff for assistance with an identity theft investigation. Authorities wanted to confirm the identities of two suspects in their investigation. The MOCIC staff obtained information that assisted authorities in making a positive identification of the pair.

News and Testimonials

The North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI)/NDSLIC serves as the RISSafe Watch Center for the state of North Dakota. RISSafe stores and maintains data on planned law enforcement events, such as raids, controlled buys, and surveillances, with the goal of identifying and alerting affected agencies and officers of potential conflicts. The North Dakota BCI is connected to the RISS Criminal Intelligence Database (RISSIntel), expanding the scope and interoperability of the nationwide RISS Secure Cloud (RISSNET).


“We have had a great partnership with MOCIC for years. The RISS intelligence resources expand our information sharing capabilities and enhance the safety of our officers. MOCIC also offers a wide variety of services that benefit our agency and help local agencies as well.”

—North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation

“The MOCIC staff contacted me by phone within minutes with information that pointed me in the right direction. I found MOCIC intelligence research services to be a very effective and fast resource for finding background information on a suspect. I was very pleased with the outcome of the service I requested from MOCIC.”

—Cass County Sheriff’s Office

The Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) mission is to assist local, state, federal, and tribal criminal justice agencies by providing adaptive solutions and services that facilitate information sharing, support criminal investigations, and promote officer safety.

The Mid-States Organized Crime Information Center (MOCIC), one of the six RISS Centers, began providing services to its regional member agencies in 1980. MOCIC’s region consists of:

• Illinois
• Iowa
• Kansas
• Minnesota
• Missouri
• Nebraska
• North Dakota
• South Dakota
• Wisconsin
• Canadian province of Manitoba

Since 1980, the number of criminal justice agencies benefiting from MOCIC services has grown to more than 1,785 agencies.

Fargo Police Department
Intelligence Research/Field Services

The Fargo Police Department contacted the MOCIC staff for assistance in an investigation involving a stolen purse. The suspects had used the credit cards and cash in the stolen purse to purchase items valued at nearly $800. Authorities had surveillance pictures of the suspect and an extremely blurry picture of what appeared to be an out-of-state license plate. The picture was so blurry that authorities could not recognize what state it was from. The MOCIC field staff electronically sent the picture to MOCIC members, who quickly identified it as a picture of a Mississippi plate. The MOCIC intelligence research staff obtained information that assisted Fargo authorities in making a positive identification of the suspect.

U.S. Border Patrol
Intelligence Research Services

The MOCIC intelligence research staff provided assistance to the United States Border Patrol in a narcotics investigation. Investigators had only a suspect’s name and possible locations in a West Coast state and a Midwestern state. The MOCIC staff obtained information that assisted investigators in positively identifying the suspect, who was arrested carrying five pounds of marijuana.

U.S. Marshals Service
Intelligence Research Services

The U.S. Marshals Service contacted the MOCIC intelligence research staff for assistance in locating two fugitives. The MOCIC staff obtained information that, according to authorities, allowed them to track down the fugitives and arrest both of them.

North Dakota State and Local Intelligence Center
Intelligence Research Services

The North Dakota State and Local Intelligence Center (NDSLIC) contacted the MOCIC intelligence research staff for assistance in a multistate human/narcotics trafficking case. The NDSLIC was providing support to the North Dakota Highway Patrol and was searching for information about the suspect. A search of one of MOCIC’s information sharing resources revealed information that the suspect had connections to a gang that had not been seen in North Dakota for a number of years.