Ohio Leadership for MAGLOCLEN

In addition to federal monitoring, MAGLOCLEN is governed by a policy board composed of one state and one local representative from each member state. In Ohio, these leadership positions are held by the following MAGLOCLEN members:

Sheriff Thomas Riggenbach
Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office
113 North Market Street
Van Wert, OH 45891
(419) 238-3866

Karen Huey, Assistant Superintendent
Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation
1560 State Route 56, SW
London, OH 43140
(740) 845-2154

East Liverpool Police Department
Bank Robbery

The East Liverpool Police Department submitted a video of a bank robbery suspect to MAGLOCLEN for enhancement. The video depicted the suspect, who was captured on the bank surveillance system, handing the teller a demand note. After viewing the enhanced video, East Liverpool police officers charged the suspect with the East Liverpool bank robbery. The suspect is also being investigated for two additional bank robberies that had occurred in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

In FY2017—

217 Full Access Member Agencies
152 Limited Access Member Agencies
36,393 Sworn Personnel Served
1,267 Officers and Personnel Trained
11,343 Intelligence Database Inquiries and
2,576 Intelligence Database Submissions
1,399 Requests for Criminal Investigative Research
Assistance Involving 5,155 Inquiries
11 Analytical Requests Totaling
62 Products Delivered
18 Audio/Video Enhancements
6 Equipment Requests Involving the Loan of
15 Items of Investigative Equipment

Miamisburg Police Department
Fraud/Scams Against the Elderly

The MAGLOCLEN intelligence research staff assisted the Miamisburg Police Department in a fraud investigation involving a number of suspects and their relatives, who had been scamming the elderly. The MAGLOCLEN staff was able to obtain out-of-state Bureau of Motor Vehicle photographs that enabled investigators to positively identify multiple suspects in the investigation. The affiliates of the suspects were also provided by the MAGLOCLEN staff, which led to the identification of even more suspects. It was ultimately determined that the suspects were a group of traveling criminals, who had been committing the same types of crimes in multiple states for years.

Stark County Sheriff’s Office
Aggravated Robberies

An enhancement of surveillance videos provided to the Stark County Sheriff’s Office by MAGLOCLEN was helpful in an investigation involving a suspect who was wanted for six aggravated robberies. As a result of the enhanced videos, the suspect was identified and information relating to the suspect was shared with law enforcement agencies in the neighboring areas. The suspect was arrested for an aggravated robbery in Canton and was charged with six aggravated robberies in Stark County.


“Our agency was very pleased with the analytical services provided. The product was very professional and completed in a timely manner. The case has yet to be adjudicated.”

—Fairborn Police Department

“Very good communication and turnaround time. It was an excellent and useful product that we could not have done ourselves.”

—Whitehall Police Department

“The Action Response Plans are outstanding and will provide helpful information if ever needed for an emergency at our school.”

—Van Wert Police Department

The Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) mission is to assist local, state, federal, and tribal criminal justice agencies by providing adaptive solutions and services that facilitate information sharing, support criminal investigations, and promote officer safety.

The Middle Atlantic Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network (MAGLOCLEN), one of the six RISS Centers, began providing services to its regional member agencies in 1981. MAGLOCLEN’s region consists of:

• Delaware
• District of Columbia
• Indiana
• Maryland
• Michigan
• New Jersey
• New York
• Ohio
• Pennsylvania

Since 1981, the number of criminal justice agencies benefiting from MAGLOCLEN services has grown to more than 1,600 agencies.