West Virginia Leadership for ROCIC

In addition to federal monitoring, ROCIC is governed by a board of directors composed of an elected member and proxy from each of the 14 states in the ROCIC region. In West Virginia, these leadership positions are held by:

Board Member:
Chief John Howell
Princeton Police Department
(304) 487-5000

Board Proxy:
Captain Keith Compton
Princeton Police Department
(304) 487-5000

Monongalia County Sheriff’s Department
Analytical Services

Serial Burglaries: The Monongalia County Sheriff’s Department and three other law enforcement agencies arrested three suspects, who were believed to be responsible for committing 58 burglaries in three jurisdictions over a three-month period. Investigators obtained a large volume of the suspects’ cell phone data from local providers. Because of the massive amount of data, the detectives did not have the time nor the manpower to interpret all of it. ROCIC was contacted to have its intelligence analysts interpret the data. They produced 164 charts or graphs and 79 computerized listings. The charts and maps allowed the detectives to connect the suspects to the crimes. Of the 34 locations that included date and time information, the cell phone data linked the suspects to 18 of them. Without the data analysis by ROCIC, the detectives would not have been able to prove as many crimes. Being able to link these crimes not only allowed the department to charge the suspects with an additional count for each location, but also allowed them to request restitution for the victims involved.

In FY2017—

41 Member Agencies
1,862 Sworn Personnel Served
76 Officers and Personnel Trained
1,000 Intelligence Database Inquiries
1,787 Analytical and Forensic Products Delivered
6,380 Bulletins and Special Reports Disseminated

The Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) mission is to assist local, state, federal, and tribal criminal justice agencies by providing adaptive solutions and services that facilitate information sharing, support criminal investigations, and promote officer safety.

The Regional Organized Crime Information Center (ROCIC), one of the six RISS Centers, began providing services to its members in 1973.

The ROCIC region consists of:
• Alabama
• Arkansas
• Florida
• Georgia
• Kentucky
• Louisiana
• Mississippi
• North Carolina
• Oklahoma
• Puerto Rico
• South Carolina
• Tennessee
• Texas
• U.S. Virgin Islands
• Virginia
• West Virginia

Since 1973, the number of criminal justice agencies benefiting from ROCIC services has grown to more than 2,100 agencies.


Princeton Police Department
Audio/Video Services

Armed Robbery: The Princeton Police Department contacted the ROCIC audio/video staff to enhance surveillance photos of a suspect, who had robbed a local sporting goods storeowner of his bank bag at gunpoint. In the store’s parking lot, the suspect stuck a gun in the victim’s side and grabbed the money bag, as well as the victim’s wallet. Police officers located the getaway vehicle and obtained surveillance video of the suspect from a nearby store. The suspect, who was from Georgia, was identified and apprehended after officers interviewed his girlfriend, who was the operator of the vehicle. The suspect wore a uniquely identifiable pair of sneakers during the robbery and at the time of his arrest. He was charged with first-degree robbery. The ROCIC staff enhanced the still photographs from the surveillance video, so that investigators could clearly see the unique logo on the suspect’s shoes (further identified by their sole pattern) and the red bandanna that he wore around his neck (the victim claimed that the suspect had covered his face with a red cloth). The prosecutor in this case stated that the photos enhanced by ROCIC solidified the case against the defendant, who awaits trial.

Morgantown Police Department
Intelligence Research Services

Cold-Case Sex Crime: The Morgantown Police Department (MPD) contacted ROCIC to track or locate a suspect identified via deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) by the Federal Bureau of Investigation laboratory in a 1995 cold-case sex crime. Within a few hours, the detective received a report from the ROCIC intelligence research staff that determined that the suspect was incarcerated in a state institution in Wisconsin for another sex crime. The MPD is in the process of obtaining warrants for the suspect in West Virginia. Without the assistance of ROCIC, the MPD would have had great difficulty in locating the suspect. The investigator would have had to dedicate many hours of investigative time in trying to locating the suspect if ROCIC had not produced results for them in much less time.

Oak Hill Police Department
Equipment Services

Drug Trafficking: The detectives with the Oak Hill Police Department, assigned to the Central West Virginia Drug Task Force, borrowed a ROCIC covert audio/video recording device to document undercover drug buys during a drug trafficking investigation and enhance the safety of their undercover officers. The recording device owned by the agency had malfunctioned and needed repairs, so the ROCIC equipment allowed investigators to continue their operation. When their repaired device was returned, the detectives used both devices to send multiple teams into the field simultaneously. To date, the ROCIC equipment has been used to record 40 drug buys, resulting in the arrests of four suspected drug dealers. More arrests are anticipated.