RISS National Gang Program
Combating Gang Activity Through Secure Communications and Information Sharing

The RISS National Gang Program (RISSGang) consists of the RISS National Gang Intelligence Database, the RISSGang Website, and informational resources.  The database provides law enforcement agencies with access to gang records, including targets, organizations, weapons, locations, and vehicles, as well as visual imagery of gang members, gang symbols, and gang graffiti.  The RISSGang Website provides gang-specific news, documents, and publications organized into topical areas, such as motorcycle gangs, drug gangs, street gangs, prison gangs, tattoos, hand signs, colors, and graffiti.

RISSGang offers secure collaboration tools that enable authorized users to post and share questions and case information.  Users are also encouraged to contribute material and other information to the website.  Users can access training information and a comprehensive dictionary of gang-related terms.

The RISS interface between RISSIntel; RISSGang; and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) GangNet; and several other state and local gang databases provides authorized users with real-time, online federated search capabilities.

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