RISS Services and Activities

Message From the Chair – Donald F. Kennedy

On behalf of the RISS Directors, I would like to thank our policy board members, member agencies, participants, RISS Center staff, RISS technology staff, and our partners across the country for their ongoing support.  This year has been filled with new and emerging partnerships, exciting technology advancements, and unprecedented access to critical information.  Exciting things are happening for RISS, which means exciting things for those we serve.

I have been fortunate and honored to serve as the Chair of the RISS National Policy Group (RNPG) since 2012.  As are all of the RISS Directors, I am proud of our team and partners.  It is humbling to hear the comments from our partners about our staff.

Recently, I announced my retirement, which is planned for fall 2019.  I will continue as the RNPG Chair until April 2019 and then hand the reigns over.  It will be tough, but I am grateful for the opportunities and friendships that RISS and NESPIN have provided me.

This will be my last message to you—announcing our new RISS Services and Activities Web page (www.riss.net/servicesandactivities).  This site includes the RISS Executive Report, which summarizes RISS’s services and programs.  It also includes our latest video, which provides additional information on RISS as well as recent accomplishments and future goals.  RISS has a very robust performance metrics process; the FY2017 final statistics as well as a link to shared successes are also included on the site.  I hope you will take a moment to look over these materials.

I would also like to thank you―our members and criminal justice partners―who fight every day to make our communities safe.  We are honored to have the opportunity to provide services and resources that help aid your efforts.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your in-region RISS Center.  And remember, when you need help with your investigation, “Think RISS.”


Donald F. Kennedy, Jr.
Chair, RISS National Policy Group

RISS has been aggressively setting and achieving performance metrics since its inception.  The RISS STatistical Assessment Team (RSTAT), chaired by one of the RISS Directors, is tasked to review the validity, meaningfulness, impact, and trend of all measures.  The RSTAT and RISS Directors routinely analyze and evaluate performance indicators and discuss findings and observations.  The RISS Quarterly Summary of Activity Report summarizes service activity and data for each RISS Center and the RTSC, as well as RISS nationwide statistics.  The Executive Summary document below provides a high-level overview of RISS’s major performance indicators for FY2017.

RISS invites you to learn more about how RISS’s proven, innovative, evidence-based, and effective services and resources are benefiting law enforcement efforts across the nation: