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Currently, 32 databases are connected through single sign-on to RISSNET. All six RISS Criminal Intelligence Databases (RISSIntel) are electronically connected via RISSNET. The RISSIntel user interface provides for real-time, online federated search to 22 RISS and RISS partner system intelligence databases, including state systems and the California gang intelligence system (CalGang), and does not require the RISSNET user to have a separate user account with the respective partner systems. In addition, there are 10 databases connected through the National Virtual Pointer System (NVPS) that RISS users may query upon the submittal of a record to the RISSIntel databases. RISSIntel contains millions of intelligence records. These records include individuals, organizations, groups, and associates suspected of involvement in criminal activity, as well as locations, vehicles, weapons, and telephone numbers.

When information is located in RISSIntel, called a “hit,” the users are referred to agencies that have additional information. By facilitating the communications and collaboration process, law enforcement personnel can exchange information on similar investigations and work together to solve cases. Member agencies are able to submit large volumes of data for inclusion in the databases through software applications implemented by RISS.

With the volume of information that is available, it is often difficult to see how information links together. Through RISSLinks, a data-visualization tool, users can create link-analysis charts when viewing records in RISSIntel. When RISSLinks is employed, visual data from a variety of associated records is displayed that enables the users to view associations and make new connections. RISSLinks enables users to visualize connections and produce charts and visual representations to aid in the investigative and prosecutorial process.

By leveraging the RISSIntel application, agencies can utilize existing technology through an instance of RISSIntel known as RISS7. Offering this service eliminates the need for agencies to develop new stand-alone systems. Instead, they can operate an autonomous criminal intelligence database to aid in their investigative efforts while being a part of the broader RISSNET community.

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All RISS criminal intelligence databases comply with 28 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 23. Criminal intelligence databases electronically connected to RISSNET that are available for member-agency access must also comply with 28 CFR Part 23. RISS recognized the need to ensure that an individual’s constitutional rights, civil liberties, civil rights, and privacy interests are protected throughout the intelligence process and has adopted a privacy policy that fully complies with 28 CFR Part 23.