RISS Investigative Support Services

RISS offers law enforcement agencies and personnel a full range of diverse and far-reaching services and programs to assist agencies, from the beginning of an investigation through the prosecution and conviction of criminals.  Law enforcement personnel can query intelligence databases, retrieve information from investigative systems, solicit assistance from research staff, utilize surveillance equipment, receive training, and use analytical staff to help apprehend, prosecute, and convict criminals.

Not all services listed below are available at all RISS Centers.  Contact your in-region RISS Center for a complete list of services available.

The services and resources offered by RISS are crucial to continue to ensure that officers and agencies can solve crimes and remove criminals from the communities in which we live.  To view shared successes submitted by agencies and officers on how RISS has helped their investigations,  visit the RISS Impact site.

Learn more about Analytical Products

Analytical Products

RISS analysts develop specialized analytical products to aid in the identification, detection, and apprehension of suspects. These products include highly complex and specialized:

  • Flowcharts
  • Link charts
  • 2D and 3D crime scene diagrams
  • Telephone toll analysis reports
  • Financial analysis reports
  • Computer forensics analyses
  • Audio/video enhancement services

RISS analysts also provide their expertise during court preparation and serve as expert witnesses at trial.

Learn more about Investigative Support and Research

Investigative Support and Research

RISS intelligence research staff respond to requests for research and technical assistance and provide comprehensive intelligence and investigative research reports that aid in identifying addresses, witnesses, and other pertinent information. These research staff have access to dozens of research sources, specialized databases, public record information, and criminal justice information. Research staff search these resources, retrieve and compile information, and provide a comprehensive report of their findings to officers. This assistance helps officers in need of quick, accurate, and complete information. RISS member agency access officers may contact center staff by telephone, fax, or e-mail for assistance.

Learn more about Audio and Video Enhancements

Audio and Video Enhancements

Audio and video enhancements are commonly used in courtrooms to assist law enforcement and prosecutors in convicting criminals. The enhancement of audio bites or video footage assists law enforcement personnel in identifying suspects. Audio enhancements are useful for undercover operations because analysts have the ability to remove background and frequency noise, enabling investigators to clearly identify the suspects. Analysts have the ability to enhance video footage in order to present a clear picture, which is extremely useful in robbery and burglary cases.

Learn more about Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics focuses on the analysis and retrieval of information from computers and digital storage media. Digital forensics analysts uncover deleted files; locate evidence; evaluate the structure of computerized files; analyze other computer and cellular phone activity within hard drives, CD-ROMs, and JPEG images; and analyze e-mail seized during investigations.

Learn more about Confidential Funds

Confidential Funds

Member agencies apply for limited funds to purchase information, contraband, stolen property, and other items of an evidentiary nature or to provide for other investigative expenses related to multijurisdictional investigations, such as travel. These funds have been instrumental in apprehending narcotics dealers and gang members.*

*This service is not offered by all RISS Centers.

Learn more about Specialized Equipment

Specialized Equipment

The equipment loaned by RISS makes a substantial difference in building cases and investigating and apprehending criminals.  Examples of equipment include:

  • Body-wire receivers
  • Global Positioning Systems
  • Cameras
  • Video recorders
  • Specialized lenses
  • Night-vision goggles
  • Night-vision scopes
  • Ground-penetrating radar systems

RISS Center equipment staff consult with and train member agencies on the use of equipment and provides expertise in developing specialized equipment.

Learn more about Field Services Support and Technical Assistance

Field Services Support and Technical Assistance

RISS provides one-on-one technical support to agencies through field services. Field staff from each center regularly contact law enforcement and public safety agencies to ensure that RISS is meeting their needs. The RISS Center field staff conduct on-site visits to provide technical assistance to member agencies and potential member agencies to facilitate delivery of RISS services.

Learn more about Specialized Training, Conferences, and Meetings

Specialized Training, Conferences, and Meetings

The RISS Centers provide training opportunities on timely and relevant topics, such as methods to combat terrorism activity and gang and violent crime; computer, financial, and economic crime; and emerging crime problems. Subject areas also include the use of specialized equipment, investigative techniques, analytical techniques, surveillance techniques, and officer safety.

RISS Centers sponsor and cosponsor training classes, conferences, and meetings at the local, county, regional, state, and tribal levels across the country, providing a forum to exchange information on regional crime problems and criminal activity. RISS training classes recently included the “Terrorism Trends and Tactics Workshop,” “Hate and Extremism in America,” “Interactions by Police With Members of the Sovereign Citizen Movement,” “Radical Groups and Movement,” and “Building Resilience Against Violent Extremism.”

Learn more about Law Enforcement Briefings and Publications/Educational Materials

Law Enforcement Briefings and Publications/Educational Materials

RISS Centers develop law enforcement-sensitive briefings and publications on topics, such as sovereign citizens, police ambush, human trafficking, and synthetic drugs.  The RISS Center publications staff research, develop, and distribute numerous publications, bulletins, flyers, special reports, and other criminal intelligence publications that highlight local, regional, and nationwide issues.  Examples include The Heroin Resurgence:  A Painkiller Epidemic, Bath Salts:  Deadly New Designer Drug, The New Face of Terrorism, and Domestic Terrorism and Extremism.

The RISS Insider newsletter is distributed six times per year to educate RISS membership, federal officials, and partners on current RISS initiatives and efforts and contains RISS-related articles.