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RISSafe is an essential component in helping to ensure that our officers remain safe. Investigative efforts, such as undercover operations, often create the potential for conflict between agencies or officers who are unknowingly working in close proximity to each other. In other cases, agencies or officers may be coordinating an event focusing on the same subject at the same time. In either case, agencies or officers may interfere with each other’s cases, causing investigative efforts to be disrupted or, worse, officers to be unintentionally hurt or killed. The use of an officer safety event deconfliction system provides for controlled and secure monitoring of these operations and the immediate notification of affected parties when conflicts arise.

RISSafe stores and maintains data on planned law enforcement events—such as raids, controlled buys, and surveillances—with the goal of identifying and alerting affected agencies and officers of potential conflicts impacting law enforcement efforts. RISSafe is used in conjunction with mapping software to verify data on event locations when an event is entered into the system. RISS staff members supporting this initiative are assigned to a RISSafe Watch Center and are responsible for assisting officers, entering and monitoring events, responding to conflicts, and notifying affected parties.

Events may be entered into RISSafe directly by authorized remote users. When a remote officer enters data into RISSafe, he or she is advised that the event is accepted with or without a conflict. In the event of a conflict, RISSafe Watch Center staff will receive an alarm and notify involved parties of the pending conflict. Remote users also receive immediate on-screen notification if an event they entered results in a conflict.

RISSafe is the only comprehensive and nationwide deconfliction system that is accessible on a 24/7/365 basis and available to all law enforcement agencies. Officers are able to enter event data on a 24/7 basis but do not have the ability to see other officers’ entries into the system. Officers may also contact their RISSafe Watch Center by telephone, fax, or e-mail to initiate the event registration process.

RISSafe is not an intelligence database; there is no criminal predicate required to post an operation. However, when entering an event into RISSafe, officers may include additional information, such as subject, vehicles, and gang data. After data is entered into RISSafe, appropriate information is sent to a queue in RISSIntel for review by RISS Center intelligence staff or sent to another criminal intelligence system available via RISSNET. After review, only data from RISS member agencies that meets 28 CFR Part 23 guidelines is submitted to RISSIntel. The interaction between RISSIntel and RISSafe provides comprehensive officer safety event and subject deconfliction services.

Since RISSafe’s inception, more than 1,300,000 operations have been entered and more than 400,000 conflicts have been identified. Currently, 24 RISSafe Watch Centers are operational, 18 of which are operated by organizations other than RISS. These organizations have invested resources to support this critical officer safety program. Many agencies have adopted internal policies mandating the use of RISSafe. RISSafe continues to proliferate throughout the country, with demand increasing each day.

RISSafe Mobile
In April 2012, RISS deployed the RISSafe Mobile application. Officers can access RISSafe from their mobile devices, enter events, and receive immediate notification of conflicts. This capability includes the infrastructure to support additional mobile applications, and RISS plans to provide other RISS resources via mobile devices in the future.

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RISS Officer Safety Website

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The RISS Officer Safety Website serves as a nationwide repository for issues related to officer safety. Considering the increasing incidents of law enforcement deaths and injuries due to criminal violence and recognizing the dangerous nature of some everyday law enforcement activities, the need for officers and agents to be able to access timely officer safety-related information is more important now than ever. Information available at the Officer Safety Website includes:

  • Officer safety awareness
  • Officer safety-related videos
  • Officer safety-related training information
  • Armed and dangerous subjects
  • Concealment methods
  • Narcotics awareness information
  • Gang awareness information
  • Border security information
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Officers may contribute officer safety-related information to the RISS Officer Safety Website. RISS encourages users to contribute information and to provide feedback with comments and suggestions on how RISS can continue to enhance the website. It is suggested that users visit the Officer Safety Website frequently because the information changes constantly.

RISSafe and the RISS Officer Safety Website are two important components of the U.S. Attorney General’s Law Enforcement Officer Safety Initiative, along with VALOR and the Bulletproof Vest Initiative. Registered users of the VALOR Web Portal who are sworn law enforcement are able to access the RISS Officer Safety Website and vice versa. RISS also provides officer safety training and develops and distributes publications about emerging threats.