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A Traumatic Life-Changing Event for a Massachusetts Police Officer
By Mario Oliveira, NESPIN Field Representative

…In November 2010, while serving an arrest warrant with agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF), I was shot six times in the chest and stomach at point-blank range by an individual who was trafficking illegal firearms from New Hampshire to the Metro Boston area then selling them to gang members for profit. I nearly died that night. I was given a second chance in life, and I have made the commitment to ensure that law enforcement officers who are violently and permanently injured in the commission of their duties, do not have to suffer, worry, and fight for themselves as I once did…

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RISS Center Highlight-RMIN

Using DNA Phenotyping Leads to Computer Profile of Suspect

…On October 13, 2017—the 30th anniversary of the card shop owner’s death—the BPD detectives released computer-generated images of what the suspect would have looked like in 1987 at age 25, along with age-enhanced images of what he would have looked like at age 45 and what he might look like today…

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2018 Issue 1

RISS Centers Make a Difference Every Day


“The case against these individuals is a lot stronger because of  your work. Mission accomplished, and I couldn’t have done it without your help.” 

—Special Agent Ross Martin
Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse
California Department of Justice

“To say that ROCIC went above and beyond the call of duty would be an understatement. The ROCIC staff’s detailed, precise work was critical in helping us show jurors exactly what happened in the house when our officer was killed by drug dealers. The suspect was convicted of second degree murder and several drug related charges.” 

—The Honorable Amy Weirich
District Attorney General
30th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, Tennessee

Shared Successes

MAGLOCLEN Surveillance Equipment Supports Drug Investigation

MAGLOCLEN surveillance equipment was utilized by the
U.S. Department of Justice; the DEA–Newark, New Jersey, Field Office; and the Union County, New Jersey, Prosecutor’s Office in a drug investigation in the Elizabeth, New Jersey, area. The equipment was used to help identify the key suspects in a drug distribution network. The investigation resulted in the arrests of two suspects, who were arraigned on federal narcotics charges. The suspects were from California and Mexico. Six kilograms of cocaine, valued at $600,000, were seized in the investigation.

MOCIC Intelligence Research Assistance Supports Cases of Child Sexual Exploitation

The Barry County, Missouri, Sheriff’s Office contacted the MOCIC intelligence research staff for assistance in two separate sexual exploitation cases involving children. In the first case, the adult male suspect was communicating with a 15- year-old male victim online. Authorities obtained an Internet Protocol (IP) address for a female connected to the suspect. The MOCIC staff obtained information that assisted authorities in the identification, location, and indictment of the suspect. In a second investigation, authorities were investigating a case in which a young girl had been exchanging explicit pictures with an adult male in a nearby state. Authorities had only a name and a social media account. The MOCIC staff obtained information that assisted authorities in positively identifying the suspect, who was indicted for distributing and receiving child pornography.

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Did You Know?

More than 45.2 million investigative records are available via RISSNET
Users conducted 5 million inquiries to RISS resources
More than 83,000 analytical products were developed
Users accessed RISSNET resources more than 1.6 million times
More than 211,800 events were entered into RISSafe, resulting in more than 26,000 identified conflicts
Users made more than 3.8 million visits to RISSNET Websites
RISS helped train more than 40,000 officers

Based on FY2017 statistics.
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The RISS Technology Support Center (RTSC) developed and deployed the RISS Online Registration (OLR) capability, User Self-Service features, and a new RISSNET Home Page. OLR enables officers to apply for a secure RISSNET user account online.

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